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Nina Henninger Casting Resume

Nash Bridges - TV Movie (Day players/Extras)

Greg Beeman, Director

Blindspotting - TV series (Day players/Extras)


Vegas High (Search)

Gillian Robespierre, Director 

Clickbait (Extras)

Brad Anderson, Director 

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist (Pilot)



Venom: Let There Be Carnage

Andy Serkis, Director 



Jon Lucas & Scott Moore, Directors



Travis Knight, Director

Tales of the City (6 episodes)


The Man in the High Castle (Extras - 1 episode)


All Day and a Night

Joe Robert Cole, Director

The Last Black Man in San Francisco

Plan B - Joe Talbot, Director

Sorry to Bother You

Boots Riley, Director

Deadpool 2 (Search)

David Leitch, Director

Blindspotting (Movie)

Carlos Lopez Estrada, Director

Budding Prospects (Pilot)

Amazon - Terry Zwigoff, Director

Mulan (Search)

Walt Disney Pictures

CBS Diversity search

CBS - Fern Orenstein

Magic Camp (Search)

Walt Disney Pictures

GirlBoss * (one episode)


Chance (Series - 10 episodes)

Groundswell productions - Hulu

Thirteen Reasons Why (Season 1)



A Wrinkle in Time (Search)

Walt Disney Pictures

When we Rise (Series)


Murder in the First (Seasons 1-3, various episodes)


55 Steps*

Bille August, Director


Brett Marty, Director


Sense8 (Season 1 & 2- Various episodes)

Lana & Lilly Wachowski, Directors


The Etruscan Smile

Mihal Brezis & Oded Binnun, Directors

Fuller House* (1 episode)


Birth of the Dragon*

George Nolfi, Director



Evan Cecil, Director

Pushing Dead

Tom E Brown, Director


Gabriele Muccino, Director

Swiss Army Man

Dan Kwan & Daniel Scheinert, Directors


Finn Taylor, Director

Steve Jobs

Danny Boyle, Director

LOOKING (Season 1 & 2)



The Age of Adaline*

Lee Toland Krieger, Director

Codes of Conduct (Search)

Steve McQueen, Director

San Andreas

Brad Peyton, Director


I (Almost) Accidentally Killed Myself

Discovery ID Channel


Santiago Rizzo, Director


Zachary Shedd, Director

Cardinal X

Angie Wang, Director



Justin Tipping, Director

The Jungle Book (search)

Jon Favreau, Director

Rock the Kasbah (search)

Barry Levinson, Director





Parks and Recreation "Moving Up" *


Fresh off the Boat (Pilot)


Diary of a Teenage Girl

Marielle Heller, Director

Betas *

Michael Lehmann, Director


Gareth Edwards, Director

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes*

Matt Reeves, Director



Noah Pritzker, Director

About a Boy (pilot) *


Campus Nightmares (Series)

Discovery Channel

Playing It Cool

Justin Reardon, Director


Randy to the Rescue


Blue Jasmine

Woody Allen, Director


The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Ben Stiller, Director

Fruitvale Station

Ryan Coogler, Director

Grown Ups 2 (Search)

Dennis Dugan, Director

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (Search)

Paramount Pictures


50 Ways to leave your lover

Discovery Channel


Spirit Machine

Timothy Plain, Director

Strange Criminals (Series)

Discovery ID

Sex sent me to the Slammer (Series)

Discovery ID

I Solved a Murder (Series)

BIO Channel

Wives with Knives (Season 1 - 5)

Discovery channel


Nightmare Christmas (Series)

Discovery Channel


Matt Lofgren, Director

Don't Shoot I'm the Guitar Man

Rocky Capella, Director

Final Witness


Chasing Mavericks

Curtis Hanson, Director

Knife Fight

Bill Guttentag, Director

Hemingway & Gellhorn

Philip Kaufman, Director

Big Sur

Michael Polish, Director

17th Precinct (Pilot)*


Tales of Everyday Magic

Michael Goorjian, Director

Snow White and the Huntsman (Presentation reel)

Rupert Sanders, Director

Alcatraz (Pilot)

Danny Cannon, Director


Steven Soderbergh, Director

On The Road

Walter Salles, Director

I Faked My Own Death (Season one)

Discovery Channel

I (Almost) Got Away With It (Season 3,4 & 5)

Discovery ID Channel

Cuff Me If You Can (Season one)

Discovery ID Channel

The Wisdom Tree

Sunil Shah, Director

Life After Dogma

James Wood, Director

Love Bites (Pilot)

Marc Buckland, Director


True Grit (search)

The Coen Brothers


Trauma (series)

NBC Universal

Parenthood (Pilot)**

Thomas Schlamme, Director


Gus Van Sant, Director

The Kite Runner

Marc Forster, Director


Eloise in Paris (Search)

Charles Shyer,Director


The Evidence

Warner Brothers

Pursuit of Happyness

Gabriele Muccino, Director


The Engagement Ring

Steven Schachter, Director

Etude in Black

Mal Karman, Director

One Way to Valhalla

Karen Goodman-Hawk, Director

Unflinching Triumph: The Philip Rockhammer Story

Mark Decena, Director

The Mercy Man (search)

Rider McDowell, Director

Tropic Thunder (search)

Ben Stiller, Director

All God’s Children can Dance(Search)

Robert Logevall, Director

Rocket Science (Search)

Jeffrey Blitz, Director

The Gridiron Gang (Search)

Phil Joanou, Director

Americas Most Wanted

Nan Waffen, Producer

The Darwin Awards

Finn Taylor, Director

The Adventures of Lavagirl and Sharkboy

Robert Rodriguez, Director

Joey (Pilot) (Search)

Warner Brothers

Memoirs of a Geisha

Rob Marshall, Director

Coach Carter (Search)

Thomas Carter, Director

Spanglish (Search)

James L. Brooks, Director


Americas Most Wanted (Troy/Dino Smith)

Bobby Houston, Director

The Californians*

Jonathon Parker, Director


The Assassination of Richard Nixon*

Niels Mueller, Director

The Law and Mr. Lee (Pilot)

Kevin Sullivan, Director

Presidio Med* (series)


Crazy Love (Search)



Peter Chelsom, Director



Mark Decena, Director


School of Rock (Search)

Richard Linklater, Director


Anthony Drazan, Director

Sucker Free City

Spike Lee, Director

Good Boy! (Search)

John Hoffman, Director

The Deep End*

Scott McGhee, Director

Playing Mona Lisa*

Matthew Huffman, Director

Save the Last Dance (search)

Thomas Carter, Director



Nash Bridges (6 Seasons)


Boys and Girls

Robert Iscove, Director

Traffic (Pilot)

Mick Jackson, Director

Just One Night*

Alan Jacobs, Director

What Dreams May Come*

Vincent Ward, Director

Dr. Dolittle*

Betty Thomas, Director

Americas Most Wanted (Dongarra Episode)

Dave Bolton, Director


Barry Levinson, Director


Thomas Carter, Director

Great Expectations (Search)

Alfonso Cuaron, Director

The Horse Whisperer*

Robert Redford, Director

The Invisible Circus*

Adam Brooks, Director


Francis Ford Coppola, Director

Unhook The Stars*

Nick Cassavetes, Director

Full House "Comet's Excellent Adventure"

Joel Zwick, Director

Back to the Streets of San Francisco

Mel Damski, Director

Mystery Files of Shelby Woo

Alan Goodman, Director

James and the Giant Peach*

Henry Selick, Director

Copy Cat*

John Amiel, Director

Murder in the First*

Marc Rocco, Director

Interview with a Vampire*

Neil Jordan, Director

Angels in the Outfield*

William Dear, Director

Heart and Souls*

Ron Underwood, Director

Getting Even With Dad*

Howard Deutch, Director

Mrs. Lambert Remembers Love*

Charles Matthau, Director

Take Me Home Again*

Tom McLoughlin, Director


Ivan Reitman, Director

The Doors (Thousands of Extras)*

Oliver Stone, Director

The Doctor*

Randa Haines, Director


Bruce Evans, Director


Wolfgang Petersen, Director

Eve of Destruction*

Duncan Gibbons, Director

Pacific Heights*

John Schlesinger, Director 


** Artio nomination (2015): Looking (Pilot-San Francisco Casting)

** Artio nomination (2015): Blue Jasmine (San Francisco Casting)

**Artio Award (2009): Outstanding Achievement in Casting- Feature/Studio or Independent Drama/Comedy for MILK. (San Francisco Casting)

**Artio Nomination (2010) – PARENTHOOD (Pilot)

* Also did background casting

Industrial and commercial list upon request

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